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Monday April 29th, 2024

Hotel laundry: how it works and what machinery they use

In the ever-evolving hospitality industry, creating an enjoyable experience for guests is a top priority for hoteliers. An area that often goes unnoticed but has a significant impact on guest satisfaction and laundry. The hotel laundry service works in all respects, like a real industrial laundry, with the only difference that it is the hotel […]

Tuesday February 20th, 2024

Why invest in a Self Service Laundry?

SOME TIPS AND INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE MAKING THE INVESTMENT As a first step, we believe it is useful to indicate some general information that will guide you step by step in the investment, in the choice of machinery, the location and in the management of the laundry. As you know, you do […]

Monday February 12th, 2024

How to identify real professional laundry machines?

There are many commercial sectors in which obtaining impeccable washing of the linen used for the relevant professional activity is of enormous importance to ensure that cleanliness and hygiene translate into a better service for customers. Whether you’re purchasing professional laundry machinery for a hotel, gym, healthcare facility, laundromat, or anywhere else outside your home, […]

Monday January 15th, 2024

Important questions to ask before purchasing

Important questions to ask before purchasing We know that the world of industrial laundry solutions can be difficult and confusing to navigate, especially when there are so many different industrial laundry solutions on the market. If you are in the early stages of setting up your industrial laundry solutions, the consultancy process is a crucial […]

Monday December 18th, 2023

Come realizzare una lavanderia industriale sostenibile?

How to create a sustainable industrial laundry? The benefits of running a more sustainable laundry are obvious. To achieve it you need to pay attention to: – Obsolete equipment Your equipment may be old and faithful but, reliability aside, it may actually cause an outage. Older machines are typically less efficient, take longer to complete […]

Wednesday November 1st, 2023

What makes a washing machine reliable?

Something that is reliable is consistently good in quality and performance. In other words, if you have a reliable washing machine, you should be confident that it will wash your clothes efficiently and effectively and you won’t have to worry about it malfunctioning or breaking. Reliability should be a top priority for washing machine manufacturers. […]

Wednesday September 13th, 2023

How to choose the best laundry equipment best suited to your business?

It all depends on your business Every company is different; therefore, each company has different laundry needs. For example, a hotel or hospital may have large loads of laundry. For them, a larger capacity machine may be needed. Likewise, for a gym or spa, a smaller capacity industrial washing machine is a better choice. It […]

Sunday September 10th, 2023

How to create an efficient industrial laundry?

Every business strives for greater efficiency because of the positive impact it can have on operations, and laundry facilities are no different. Laundry services in hotels, hospitals, sports facilities or as part of dry cleaning are only as good as their effectiveness. Many activities also take place in laundries and this can easily create chaos. […]