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Wednesday November 1st, 2023

What makes a washing machine reliable?

Something that is reliable is consistently good in quality and performance. In other words, if you have a reliable washing machine, you should be confident that it will wash your clothes efficiently and effectively and you won’t have to worry about it malfunctioning or breaking.

Reliability should be a top priority for washing machine manufacturers. However, this is not always the case. So what makes a washing machine reliable and how can you make sure you choose a reliable washing machine?

The main factor that determines the reliability of a washing machine is its materials. Machines made from cheaper materials are more likely to encounter problems. This is because the parts may start to malfunction or deteriorate.

When a manufacturer compromises on the quality of materials, this reduces the expected life of the washing machine. Cheaper materials on the following parts of a washing machine can negatively affect the reliability of the machine:

The bearings: This is the part of the machine that supports the drum. Superior quality bearings prevent the drum from spinning unevenly or becoming unbalanced.

The motor: If the motor of your washing machine fails, your washing machine may not start. Washing machines equipped with an inverter motor tend to be more reliable and last longer.

The drum: Look for a stainless steel drum, as it is more durable and has a longer lifespan.

The frame: High-quality frames with additional insulation are more reliable and provide better support for the washing machine.

Industrial laundries are facilities governed by a high-performance working environment, so it is very important to have equipment that can withstand this pace of work and to be confident that this is the case.

Reliability is fundamental when choosing a washing machine since we must be sure that this equipment has the appropriate technical characteristics to meet the needs of an industrial laundry.

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