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Young nurse and disabled elderly woman in wheelchair at home

Hospitals, senior centers, clinics and care centers require highly productive laundry equipment that delivers hygienic results in less time, using less water, natural gas and electricity.

100% hygiene control
Hygienic washing solutions tailored to your specific needs
Maximum control and traceability in all phases of the washing processes
Complete compliance with the most stringent hygiene standards
Taking care of the sick and elderly is important and thanks to LP solutions, it is possible.

LP sanitary barrier washing machines fully satisfy the needs of hospitals and clinics, guaranteeing maximum safety and zero risk of contamination between dirty and clean items, placing loading and unloading of linen in two separate rooms.

If you are still not sure which industrial laundry equipment to buy, contact us today for more information
You can also purchase in convenient monthly installments: Noleggio – LP Lavanderie
We provide our customers with only the best industrial laundry machines that are perfectly suited to their needs. Fill out our contact form Contatti – LP Lavanderie