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Lavanderie industriali e professionali

The range of machinery designed for professional laundries guarantees high performance, greater productivity, lower management costs and maximum transparency in the washing process.
For professional laundries, LP offers professional washing machines equipped with modern and versatile computers, easy to program and use.
The laundry software, designed and created internally, allows total control of the machine and washing programs down to the smallest detail.
No more fabric damage, aggressive products, complex and expensive machines.
LP offers professional laundries its Wet Clean system specific for delicate washing of clothing.

If you are still not sure which industrial laundry equipment to buy, contact us today for more information
You can also purchase in convenient monthly installments: Noleggio – LP Lavanderie
We provide our customers with only the best industrial laundry machines that are perfectly suited to their needs. Fill out our contact form Contatti – LP Lavanderie