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large luxury and high-class white cruise ship viking norway sailing in the ocean of thailand, travel to travel relax and spa healthy concept,

Sheets, tablecloths, napkins, sponges, operators’ uniforms and passengers’ clothing, awnings, even on yachts and ships there is a need for a functional laundry.

Reduced spaces, multiple types of items to be treated, large numbers of washes quickly to satisfy customer requests, are just some of the needs of a ship.
Great attention must also be paid to the need to have reliable and long-lasting machines with reduced energy and water consumption.

LP boasts long experience in the supply of low spin rigid washing machines and dryers designed and built to meet the needs of the naval sector.

If you are still not sure which industrial laundry equipment to buy, contact us today for more information
You can also purchase in convenient monthly installments: Noleggio – LP Lavanderie
We provide our customers with only the best industrial laundry machines that are perfectly suited to their needs. Fill out our contact form Contatti – LP Lavanderie