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Modular Ironing Boards

Modular  Ironing Boards

The basic module COMBO has adjustable board height (820÷1050 mm) and includes a 550W vacuum unit and a support with one kickerplate.
COMBO PS With standard board.
COMBO PG With increased board: suitable for ironing skirts and trousers.
COMBO AS Seam-opener board: suitable for ironing trouser seams.

/F Photoelectric switch for kickerplate.
/S Blowing board device.
/SM Increased blowing board device.
/D Second kickerplate for ironing on both sides.
/G Front rotating iron rest.
/L Lift with lamp for steam iron suspension.
/K Vent shaft.
/C Vent shaft with built-in automatic steam generator. Stainless steel boiler manufactured according to PED directive.
/GA Air device for air-steam spotting (available only with vent shaft /C).
/T Stainless steel water tank.
KIT 0 Swivel arm.
KIT A Second swivel arm.
/B Stainless steel spotting sleeve-board.
/P Device for cold spotting with gun and tank.
Interchangeable ironing shapes.
Art. 122 Standard sleeve-board; Art. 123 Standard cushion; Art. 120 Seam-opener shape; Art. 121 Long sleeve-board; Art. 124 Long Cushion.