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LP 100.20


Models LP 100.20 and LP 120.20 are the smallest ironers manufactured by LP.

Characterized by an extremely simple construction, they are the ideal chest ironers for customers using the ironer few hours a week. They are generally employed matching them with small-capacity washers and dryers to reduce down to 10-15% the residual humidity content of linen to be processed.

User friendly and absolutely sure to be operated by unexperienced personnel, they deliver good performances as well as a nice finish on simple and light fabrics.

The reduced number of mechanical components installed and their reliability extend the timing between the maintenance operations.

Their compact dimensions and the front linen exit allow installing them in narrow spaces.

Model LP 100.20 is also available in a low kW rate version, absorbing a maximum of 13 Amps.


Schools, kindergartens, shipboard laundries.


  • Electromechanical control
  • One ironing speed
  • Electronic temperature control, with free adjustment up to 150°C
  • Smart foot pedal stopping roller rotation and leaving hands free to adjust linen in the introduction phase
  • Aluminium feeding table
  • Emergency stop button and finger protection bar
  • Front linen return